Cooperative Conservation Amreica
A Sample of Cooperative Conservation Case Studies
Project Name: Buffalo Creek Riparian Buffer Restoration
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Summary: Agencies, universities, non-profits, and foundations offered cost share and technical assistance for riparian and instream habitat restoration.
Contact: Jose Taracido
Wildlife Conservation Specialist
California University of Pennsylvania
Project Name: Delaware Bay Oyster Restoration Project, Delaware & New Jersey
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New Jersey, Delaware
Summary: Planting of 110,000 bushels of shell that provide suitable substrate for development of juvenile oysters, resulting in both environmental & economic benefits to the Delaware Bay on a regional level.
Contact: Amanda Muscavage
Project Manager
US Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District
Project Name: Charles River
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Massachusetts
Summary: The Clean Charles effort brings together a variety of organizations and their diverse projects to clean the river for swimming by 2005.
Contact: Robert Zimmerman, Jr.
Executive Director
Charles River Watershed Association
Project Name: Appalachian Mountain Club Maine Woods Initiative
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Maine
Summary: The AMC's Maine Woods Initiative is a strategy for land conservation that integrates habitat protection, recreation, education, and sustainable forestry in the 100-Mile Wilderness region of Maine.
Contact: Walter Graff
Deputy Director
Appalachian Mountain Club
(603) 466-2721, ext. 194
Project Name: Restoring bog turtle habitat in New York
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New York
Summary: Federal, state, and NGO partners are working together with private landowners to restore the wetland habitat of the threatened bog turtle.
Contact: Bruce Hammond
Project manager/Scientist
Environmental Defense
617 723 2996
Project Name: Public-Private Partnerships to Promote Conservation and Use of Coastal and Ocean Resources
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Connecticut, Washington, DC, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia
Summary: Partnership provides financial and technical assistance to organizations and agencies at the local and regional level to support priority conservation projects such as coastal habitat restoration.
Contact: Tom Kelsch
Director, Eastern Region
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Project Name: University of Massachusetts Nantucket Field Station
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Massachusetts
Summary: A public/nonprofit partnership through a $20M purchase to safeguard the only higher education research/education facility on the island. The 110 acre parcel embraces rare coastal and upland resources.
Contact: Jim Lentowski
Executive Director
Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Inc.
Project Name: Wind Road Farms
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New York
Summary: Adjacent to another protected property, this project protects historic agricultural lands, and a significant portion of an extensive wetland system.
Contact: Alane Ball Chinian
Executive Director
Saratoga PLAN
Project Name: Upper Coosawattee River Watershed
Location: Southeastern: Georgia
Summary: 15 local, state, federal, and non-profit groups form the Upper Coosawattee Alliance facilitates partnerships, identifies funding, and coordinates implementation activities to improve water quality.
Contact: Larry Vanden Bosch
Director of Community and Development Services
North Georgia Regional Development Center
Midwest/Northern High Plains
Project Name: Community Floodplain Buyout Partnership
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Missouri
Summary: Missouri watershed project used to buyout more than 100 frequently flooded residences and businesses in Piedmont. In their place are a park and a hiking trail.
Contact: Roger A. Hansen
State Conservationist
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Project Name: Martell Rush River Protection
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Wisconsin
Summary: Diverse partners collaborate to protect shoreline, and provide public access to the Rush River.
Contact: Michelle Dingwall
Director of Development & Communications
West Wisconsin Land Trust
Project Name: Green Topeka Sustainable Development
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Nebraska
Summary: Designed and implemented stormwater management systems that utilize vegetation to treat the volume of runoff, and to improve its quality.
Contact: Greg Ruark
Program Manager
USDA National Agroforestry Center
Project Name: Army Compatible Use Buffer Project
Location: South-Central/South-West: Colorado
Summary: Conservation easements on lands adjacent to Fort Carson are being created to buffer the Fort from development and to maintain open space and wildlife habitat.
Contact: Mr. Matthew Moorehead
Program Manager
The Nature Conservancy
Project Name: Diablo Trust/Diablo Canyon Rural Planning Area
Location: South-Central/South-West: Arizona
Summary: With a goal to provide a model for other rural communities across Arizona, and the West, the project has produced innovative planning methods to help protect the economic value of ranchlands.
Contact: Hadassah Holland Ziegler
Administrative & Program Manager
The Diablo Trust
Project Name: Fort Still Private Lands Initiative
Location: South-Central/South-West: Oklahoma
Summary: A broad-based coalition of interests has come together to identify common concerns and provide a mechanism for de-conflicting economic, environmental, and social needs in positive ways.
Contact: Steve Bonner
Community Planner
NPS Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance
Far West
Project Name: Post Mountain Collaborative Stewardship
Location: Far West: California
Summary: A collaborative project to develop and implement an ecologically, socially, and economically responsible community wildfire protection plan for the rural community of Post Mountain
Contact: Nick Guolette

Watershed Research and Training Center
Project Name: Conserving the Truckee River Canyon
Location: Far West: California
Summary: Mission is to implement local public-private collaborative solutions to protect and improve water quality and biological resources for the Truckee River watershed.
Contact: Lisa Wallace
Executive Director
Truckee River Watershed Council
(530) 550-8760
Project Name: Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification
Location: Far West: California
Summary: The FFF program integrates economic use of farmland with the production of environmental benefits. The land manager is the central figure in achieving and sustaining environmental improvements.
Contact: Laurel Marcus
Executive Director
California Land Stewardship Institute
510 832 3101
Project Name: Return of the Wild Turkey in North America
Location: National
Summary: The National Wild Turkey Federation worked with its partners to restore wild turkeys to all suitable habitat across North America.
Contact: Rob Keck
Chief Executive Officer
National Wild Turkey Federation
Project Name: Center for Plant Conservation
Location: National
Summary: The cooperative CPC network conserves and restores the rare native plants of the U.S. CPC maintains the National Collection of Endangered Plants, more than 600 of the nation's most imperiled flora.
Contact: Mark F. Barnett
Communications Coordinator
Center for Plant Conservation