Cooperative Conservation Amreica
A Sample of Cooperative Conservation Case Studies
Project Name: Passaic River Restoration Project
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New Jersey
Summary: The PRRP is a cooperative effort among four Federal and two State agencies, NGOs and the private sector to restore the environmental values of the highly urbanized lower Passaic River in New Jersey.
Contact: Jonathan P. Deason, Ph.D.
The George Washington University
Project Name: NYC Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Delaware, New York
Summary: New York City, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), agricultural producers, and others address non-point source pollution through voluntary programs that protect stream corridors and working land.
Contact: Larry Beckhardt
Program Director
NYC Department of
Project Name: Green Space for Living: Metro-Washington, DC Demonstration Project
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Washington, DC
Summary: The focus of the partnership is to gather and share information that can help local decision makers better accommodate both development and green space conservation.
Contact: Glenn Eugster
Assistant Regional Director, National Capital Region
National Park Service
Project Name: Octoraro Creek Watershed Restoration and Protection
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Pennsylvania, Southeastern: Florida
Summary: Restoration project focuses on wetlands and streams owned by Older Order Amish, and assists these watershed stakeholders through educational outreach to create sustainable farms and farm practices.
Contact: Pat Fasano
Octararo Creek Watershed Association
Project Name: Partners Help Farmers Get Funds to Address Resource Concerns
Location: Southeastern: Puerto Rico
Summary: Conservation partnership assisted coffee farmers to adopt new conservation technology in the Coffee Zone, Humid Upland Watersheds in Puerto Rico.
Contact: Miguel F. Monroig
Coffee Specialist
Cooperative Extension Service
Project Name: Onslow Bight Conservation Forum
Location: Southeastern: North Carolina
Summary: Regional collaboration across 9 counties on the Atlantic coastal plain to conserve saltwater marshes, long leaf savannahs, estuaries, wetlands, and pocosins.
Contact: Fred Annand
Associate Director of Conservation
The Nature Conservancy, North Carolina Chapter
Project Name: Okhissa Lake
Location: Southeastern: Mississippi
Summary: Building an earthen dam for a 1,000-acre lake for water and land recreation.
Contact: Mary Bell Lunsford
Public Affairs Officer
Homochitto National Forest
Midwest/Northern High Plains
Project Name: Glacial Ridge Project, Partnership in Preservation
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Minnesota
Summary: Glacial Ridge Project, the country’s largest grassland and wetland reconstruction effort, is returning Minnesota’s prairie to its pre-settlement condition.
Contact: Ron Nargang
State Director
The Nature Conservancy
Project Name: Conservation Security Program in the St. Joseph Watershed
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
Summary: The Conservation Security Program in the St. Joseph watershed rewards agricultural landowners for superior conservation and stewardship practices.
Contact: Robin Ryan
District Administrator
Hillsdale County Conservation District
517-849-9890 x 191
Project Name: Creating, Protecting, and Restoring Kansas Wetlands and Streams
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Kansas
Summary: Partnership is a non-governmental, non-political, locally-driven group that implements sound plans to address Kansas wetland, stream, and riparian area water quality and habitat concerns.
Contact: Tim Christian
State Coordinator
The Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams, Inc. (KAWS)
Project Name: Healthy Kids Healthy Forests Partnership (A Get Fit With US Campaign Program)
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Montana
Summary: Partners within the Bitterroot Valley of Montana are working to promote healthy lifestyles by engaging young people in the natural world through public land learning and stewardship activities.
Contact: Julie Schreck
Healthy Kids Healthy Forests Coordinator
USDA Forest Service, Bitteroot National Forest
(406) 375-2606
Project Name: Winter-Eden Farm Easement
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Illinois
Summary: A scenic 240-acre traditional family farm in northwest Illinois has been permanently conserved for agricultural-related activities with a conservation easement donated by the landowner, Nancy Winter
Contact: Julie Bruser
Executive Director
Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation
Project Name: Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership
Location: South-Central/South-West: Colorado
Summary: The Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership is a dynamic partnership of federal, state and local governments, land-management agencies, private landowners, conservation organizations and others.
Contact: David Hessel
Coordinator, FRFTP
Colorado State Forest Service
Project Name: Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (“Breaux Act”)
Location: South-Central/South-West: Louisiana
Summary: The goal of the Breaux Act partnership is to design, build, maintain and monitor sustainable projects that create, protect, and restore Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.
Contact: Julie T. Morgan
CWPPRA Outreach Program Specialist
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi Valley Division, New Orleans District, CEMVN-PM-C
Project Name: Los Caminos Antiguos Byways Partnership
Location: South-Central/South-West: Colorado
Summary: Partners are using the byway to preserve and protect cultural diversity; facilitate economic community development; and to preserve and protect the land and water.
Contact: Ann Marie Velaquez
Executive Director
Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway
Far West
Project Name: Peach Resource Renewal Project
Location: Far West: California
Summary: Conservation Innovation Grants are part of the 2002 Farm Bill and were established as part of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Contact: Mark Parson
Assistant State Conservationist (Acting)
Project Name: Codornices Creek and Ohlone Greenway
Location: Far West: California
Summary: Working with Cities of Albany and Berkeley, Friends of Five Creeks, an all-volunteer group, restored native vegetation and trout habitat and built an observation railing.
Contact: Susan Schwartz
Friends of Five Creeks
Project Name: Upper Salmon Basin Watershed Project
Location: Far West: Idaho
Summary: The goal of the project is to maintain and restore anadromous fish habitat, and achieve a balance between resource protection and use within the watershed through collaboration.
Contact: Russell Knight
Upper Salmon Basin Watershed Project
(208) 756-6322
Project Name: Minority and Underserved in Urban Natural Resource Conservation
Location: National
Summary: A partnership with the USDA Forest Service to assist minority communities in urban natural resource conservation.
Contact: Zhu H. Ning
Southern University