Cooperative Conservation Amreica
Cooperative Conservation America (CCA) is a public database for practitioners of cooperative conservation

was created to support the development of Faces and Places of Cooperation Conservation, a publication of the 2005 White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation. Today, it is an evolving database, driven by citizens, responsive to citizen needs, and owned by all citizens who choose to participate in its daily making and continuous evolution.

Cooperative Conservation America (CCA) is a multi-purposed web site:
tells the evolving story of private landowners, communities, tribes, non-profit groups and State and Federal agencies working together to address the stewardship needs of our nation. It is a story for which we have developed a map to all of its parts, revealing its diversity and richness.

hosts a searchable data base to project profiles from across the landscape of cooperative conservation. It is an open, interactive database where users can learn from and contribute to the knowledge, tools, and lessons imbedded in it.

offers a public forum to individuals, communities, groups and agencies to post conservation project profiles through a user-friendly template. It is where citizens can share collaborative achievements and lessons with their peers.

connects to outside data bases and resource web sites critical to the practice of cooperative conservation. It equips citizens with tools for conservation success.

creates a bridge between what citizens are doing and what the federal government is working to support through the President’s Executive Order on Cooperative Conservation, the upcoming White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation, and cooperative conservation initiatives by Federal Departments and agencies. These are opportunities and resources to advance cooperative conservation.

Cooperative Conservation America was created, and is maintained, by the Resources First Foundation. If you have any questions, corrections or comments please don't hesitate to Contact Us